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Captain Curtain Cleaning specialises in providing residential as well as commercial curtain cleaning services at budget-friendly costs in Burnside. When it comes to curtain dust and dirt removal, we have methodical and meticulous approaches in order to achieve the best results. Moreover, when it comes to professional curtain washing, we complete the job with the highest standards.

There is no best curtain cleaning service in Burnside than our steam cleaning if you want to get your curtains cleaned once and for all. Also, our curtain cleaning Burnside team seamlessly carries our duties when it comes to carrying all the cleaning products and equipment. So, take a chance with us to give your curtains deep cleaning and let them shine and look like never before.

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    We value your inquiries and thus are committed to providing excellent customer service. You can get in touch with us through our contact form.

    Why Choose Our Curtain Cleaning Burnside Services?

    • Absolute Customer Delight: One of our qualities is our curtain cleaning Burnside team being meticulous about cleaning your curtains. Therefore, we always meet customer requirements which in turn helps us see absolute customer delight.
    • Matchless Expertise: With matchless expertise, our professional curtain cleaners know exactly how to tackle certain problems with different cleaning methods. Be it your silk curtains, delicate lace fabrics or cotton, we have expertise on how to delicately deal with them.
    • State-Of-The-Art Cleaning Techniques: We employ state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure effective results as desired outcomes. In fact, we also customise state-of-the-art techniques on the spot of cleaning your curtains after the inspection is done.
    • Authorised & Covered: Choosing us means, keeping yourself in a safe spot as we are both authorised and covered under insurance. So, we ensure that you are safe even if there are any unlikely accidents happening at the time of curtain cleaning.
    • Convenience & Swiftness: With us by your side, you can be worry-free to expect us to work at your convenience and provide swift on-site services. So, make an appointment with us right now and let us save you time and energy from cleaning on your own.
    Our Curtain Cleaning Burnside Services

    List Of Professional Curtain Cleaning Services We Offer

    Curtain Deep Cleaning

    With comprehensive cleaning processes at hand, we implement them accordingly to provide curtain deep cleaning service. Because of this service of ours, even accumulated debris, grime, dust and dirt will be removed to revitalise the curtains.

    Delicate Fabric Care

    As not all cleaning methods work accurately for different curtain fabrics, we design specific cleaning techniques for delicate fabric types. In fact, you can be assured that your lace, silk or any such delicate curtain fabrics get the utmost delicate fabric care from us.

    Curtain Odor Removal

    One service of ours that helps eliminate unusual and unpleasant odours from your curtains is curtain odour removal. Our odour removal service not just removes odours but also makes your curtains smell clean and fresh in the shortest time.

    Stain and Spot Treatment

    With our curtain stain removal service, your curtains get to experience specialised cleaning and show effective results. Therefore, if your curtains have stains from coffee, paint, blood, chocolate, food, juice, etc, do get in touch to avail of this service of ours.

    Mould and Allergen Removal

    If you are in search of a curtain cleaning Burnside team that focuses on mould and mildew removal, do count on us. In fact, this is one of our exclusive services because it helps in maintaining an allergen-free and healthy living space.

    The Hidden Benefits Of Regular Curtain Cleaning

    • Improved Air Quality: Having cleaning services like curtain steam cleaning, vacuuming service, etc, accumulated debris, pollutants and allergens will be removed with ease. This in turn leads to better indoor air quality as air circulation happens because of regular cleaning.
    • Prolonged Curtain Life: Even degraded curtains that experienced wear and tear can be restored and prevented upon opting for regular cleaning. So, you can see that regular curtain cleaning prolongs the life of your curtains, saving your pockets in the long run.
    • Enhanced Aesthetics: Regular curtain cleaning ensures the curtains are positively contributing to the overall aesthetics of your indoors. Moreover, your indoors start looking fresh, kept and gain an additional touch of elegance.
    • Health Benefits: Cleaning acts as a tackling factor against crucial health problems like asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions. Because curtain cleaning reduces the presence of dust mites, airborne particles, microbes and allergens.
    Benefits Of Regular Curtain Cleaning

    Contact Us Today

    We value your inquiries and thus are committed to providing excellent customer service. You can get in touch with us through our contact form.

    Unmasking The Perfection: A Peek At Our Professional Curtain Cleaning

    Schedule An Appointment

    Call us at our toll-free number, where our customer support team assists you throughout the booking, including selecting a suitable date and time. Or, you can send us an email addressing your curtain problems, preferred appointment details and your address.

    A Thorough Inspection & A Free Quote

    We conduct a thorough inspection. Putting your convenience at the front of our minds, we reach your location at your convenient time. Moreover, we also provide an accurate quote, which is totally free of charge.

    Professional Curtain Cleaning

    Identify debris, stains, odours, mould and many more potential issues and use top-quality and safe cleaning products to do eco-friendly curtain cleaning to carefully remove grime. Make sure the complete cleaning process is going smoothly by paying attention to fabrics. Upon certain requirements, we do exclusive curtain dust and dirt removal too.

    Quick Turnaround

    The streamlined service processes we implement enable us to offer quick turnaround after cleaning. Thus, once we clean your curtains, you can rest assured that they promptly get returned to your place and rehanged.


    The location of curtains, the presence of pets, allergens and environmental conditions are some deciding factors on how often curtains need cleaning. Generally, it is as follows:

    • Curtains Used Moderately- Curtains in bedrooms and living rooms should be cleaned at least once every 6 months.
    • Curtains Used Very Frequently- Curtains placed in kitchens and entrances should be cleaned every 3 to 4 months.
    • With Allergy Concerns- Every 3 months and in some cases, monthly cleaning is required.
    • Curtains Near Doors Or Windows- More frequently, on a monthly basis.

    Yes, there are a few maintenance tips you need to follow after professional curtain cleaning to ensure your curtains stay in a better condition.

    • Avoid hanging wet curtains on rails
    • Be cautious while exposing them directly to the sunlight
    • Regularly vacuum the curtains
    • Seek professional help if you find stains on the curtains.

    To prevent curtains from getting shrunk during washing, you need to first check the label on the curtains to wash them accordingly. If you are unsure about this, do contact professional curtain cleaners near you.

    To get rid of peculiar odours from your curtains, you can first start airing them out in open spaces or open the windows. Also, you can spritz fabric freshener on them. In fact, ingredients from the kitchen like essential oil drops can work wonders on curtains.


    With our curtain cleaning Burnside team at your service, your curtains are in for a thorough cleaning and client-centric service. On top of this, we guarantee our clients with quality assurance, transparency and accountability.

    Our Mission & Vision

    The top-notch curtain cleaning services we offer exceed customer expectations as our inputs include dedication, skills, experience and tools. With cutting-edge cleaning methods and technologies used by our certified professional curtain cleaners, we ensure the best results as outcomes. If solely spoken about our cleaners, they are committed to excellence and hold industry accreditation and certifications. Moreover, it is well being of the clients that made us choose eco-friendly and kid-friendly curtain cleaning products over harmful chemicals.

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    We can clean any type of curtain or blind since we have the necessary expertise, knowledge, and equipment. To get services in Mount Barker, you can contact us now.



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    “The Captain Curtain Cleaning team’s commitment to work and attention to detail is highly appreciable. Because a combination of these features of the company have won my heart and today I’m one of the most satisfied customers of theirs. So, get their professional curtain cleaners to work on your curtains and let them do a fantastic job on them. “
    “I’m sure most people keep looking for a company that charges reasonably, dispatches local cleaners and provides on-time service. And if you found this company in search of these specialties, you are on the right path to get your curtains revitalised. I highly recommend their curtain vacuuming service! “
    “My curtains had stubborn stains from coffee and no DIY tricks were working on them. This is when I came in contact with their curtain stain removal service and I’m amazed with the outcomes of this service. Moreover, they go beyond your expectations to reach your satisfaction as they prioritise it as their utmost aim. “

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