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“I bought new curtains this year, unfortunately, I saw some moulds on my curtains after a few days. I tried some DIYs but was forced to call professionals. We were delighted with the service, from the first phone call to the technician who came to our home. The service was excellent, they answered all my questions promptly, and the price was reasonable. It won’t take long to reach out if this service is ever needed again (hopefully not!).


“Our curtain cleaning concerns were addressed professionally. The professional was highly knowledgeable about curtain cleaning and targeted all the stains we were concerned about. It would be my pleasure to recommend this company to anyone.


“Working with Captain Curtain Cleaning on our curtain stain removal problem was a pleasure! Their response to our situation was prompt and professional. Throughout, the professionals were outstanding, and their work was also excellent. Whenever you have a curtain cleaning problem, I would highly recommend this team.