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Curtain Cleaning Price Adelaide

Do you want to know curtain steam cleaning prices? We would be happy to let you know. In general, prices charged for steam cleaning the curtains of a window vary between $70 and $80. But if a curtain is the size of a glass door and palmet, then the prices are $90 and $20 respectively. However, these are just the standard prices of curtain steam cleaning set by the curtain cleaning industry. Therefore, curtain steam cleaning prices vary relying on a wide range of factors like the ones mentioned in this blog.

Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

Factors That Influence The Prices Of Curtain Steam Cleaning

    1. Height And Width
      Be it the height or width of a curtain, the longer and wider they are, the higher the price for steam cleaning service. This is because experts usually charge the steam cleaning cost by measuring the curtain as a square metre (sqm). If you want to know how experts do this, take height and width in metres to multiply them together and get sqm. For example, 1.8metres × 3.0metres = 5.4 sqm. There are also companies that take the weight as a factor that influences curtain steam cleaning prices. But not many companies do this and often neglect it.
    2. Material Of The Curtains
      Usually, people prefer to go with mainly four types of curtain materials, that are, cotton, silk, polyester and linen. However, there are hundreds more curtain materials that people would choose as their no.1 choice. In the same way, curtain material is different, and the prices to steam clean also vary. For example, curtains such as Hobbled Roman, Pleated or Eyelet, are costlier to be steam cleaned. Whereas, curtains like Tab Top and Rod-Pocket are cheaper because they are easier to clean. But certain materials like cashmere, velvet and chenille fall in the mid-ranges and are easy on customer pockets.
    3. Heavy-Lined, Underlined, Lined Or Blackout Curtains
      Lined curtains have an extra layer to them and this helps them to protect themselves from UV rays whereas unlined curtains do not. Therefore, the price difference between these two curtains will be clear and range between $65 to $70 per square metre in units. If you have a heavy-lined curtain, you have to pay $70 to $75 as these curtains already have an additional layer of light protection. However, you need to pay $70 if it is blackout curtains as they give no space for sunlight to pass.
    4. Location
      Professionals also charge prices on the basis of location in addition to measuring sqm and acting accordingly. In fact, some firms offer discounts when a client reaches a certain amount after professional services. In fact, unit measuring of curtains plays an important role as it is the deciding factor in charging the average cost of steam cleaning.
Look at the following states and the average cost they charge for curtain steam cleaning:
Per sqm
Sydney- $75 to $90
Adelaide- $70 to $75
Melbourne- $75 to $85
Per drop
Perth- Around $75
Canberra- Around $90
For states other than these, you can take the standard prices mentioned in the introduction and calculate accordingly.
  1. Based On The Accumulation Of Dirt
    In the long run of use, curtains start accumulating dirt and thus leading to the compromise on indoor air quality. With this, your allergies and asthma will be triggered leading to serious illness in other cases. Therefore, the accumulation of dirt also contributes as one of the major factors that influence the prices experts charge for steam cleaning of curtains.
    The dirtier your curtains are, the longer time curtain steam cleaning takes to complete. Hence, if you want the prices to be lower than the average, you can prefer to go for a regular curtain steam cleaning service. So, make your curtains dirt-free by keeping this factor in mind.
  2. Presence Of Mould, Odours And Stains
    Moulds are a combination of dirt and moisture. Once they are formed on your curtains, it’s risky to get rid of them on your own as they are the cause of many illnesses. So, professionals check the type and number of moulds to charge the services.
    Odours from curtains are common and there are various reasons why curtains smell unpleasant or unusual. Moreover, if you are a homeowner that regularly cleans your curtains with chemicals, this also causes your curtains to smell bad. So, the longer professional assistance is given for odour removal, the higher the service costs.

    When it comes to stains on the curtains, professionals check to determine which ones are loose and which of them are tough. Therefore, the more the number and types of stains your curtains bear, the more the service prices are charged.

  3. Depending Upon Off-Site Or On-Site Services
    Among all the factors that influence the prices of curtain steam cleaning services, this factor plays a crucial role. First, you need to search for a company that offers curtain cleaning near you and see their options for Off-site or On-site services. After that, you have to decide if you want on-site service or off-site service and choose from their facilities.

    In fact, on-site and off-site curtain steam cleaning prices vary. Because in on-site service, cleaners take the curtains to an open space in your area to clean or else they also clean while the curtains are still hanging. Whereas, in off-site service, cleaners come to your location to take away the curtains with them to the company.


The curtain steam cleaning prices for DIY implementation and professional services are different because of the methods and products used. However, DIYs can be very hassling and time-consuming. Therefore, you can go for an even before option of availing of professional curtain cleaning services that make you free from all this juggling.

Not just this, but you get all kinds of curtain cleaning services at reasonable prices even with the use of advanced technology. In fact, professional curtain cleaners have experience in how to clean curtains while hanging and do not make the place dirty. Moreover, they produce the results you are looking for. Contact professionals today!
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