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Common Methods To Properly Clean A Fabric Curtain

It is a known fact that the fabric curtains will get dirty because they have to face daily dust, sunlight and of course, some wear and tear too. If you are looking forward to local curtain cleaning then you should go about the same. Because only then you will be able to get the relevant results. Buying fabric curtains need special care and the cleaning method depends on the material and quality of the curtains. So, read the information and find how you need to clean the curtains depending upon the fabric. These tips will help you for sure in cleaning the curtains.

Fabric Curtain
Fabric Curtain
  1. Cleaning cotton curtains

If the fabric is cotton then there will not be too much fuss while cleaning the curtains. You can wash the curtains at home or you can even do steam cleaning curtains at home.

  1. Cleaning silk curtains

If the fabric is involved in silk then you have to be extremely cautious with the cleaning style. This means that you can’t use a curtain steam cleaner for silk. There will be a need to take up dry cleaning. If you have a doubt, it is always better to call the specialists and ask them which methods of curtain cleaning are going to be the best for silk material fabric curtains.

  1. Velvet drapes cleaning

If you have expensive and heavy velvet drapes then you should call for professional cleaners who can give a free pickup and rehang the curtain. This is because this fabric is delicate, expensive, and quite complex to clean up. It would be better to take up the right method so that you don’t end up making your curtains bad.

  1. Lace curtains

Most people prefer lace curtains. They are light in weight and easy to hang. Many people prefer having such curtains at home because of the ease of cleaning and maintaining them. If you have to get your lace curtains cleaned then make sure that you use simple soap water as they are delicate, but easy to clean. Do not use hot water while cleaning these curtains as it may affect the color and the texture of the curtains.

  1. Linen fabric curtains

If you are having linen fabric curtains then you will have to clean them delicately with cold water and liquid soap. These are also like lace curtains. After you have cleaned the curtains, you must air dry them and hang them again.


Before you start cleaning the curtains and drapes, it is important that you either follow the cleaning instructions on the label or the manual that you have. With this kind of guidance, you will never go wrong. If nothing is mentioned then you can follow the above guidelines to clean the curtains. If the curtains are heavy and expensive then it would be fair to give the same for dry cleaning. Make sure that if you face any issues, you hand over the task to the experts rather than making a mess out of it.

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