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Learn How To Start Curtain Cleaning

Vacuuming with the upholstery cleaner every week may help in keeping the dust away from your curtains. But once a month, it is important to clean the curtains thoroughly. With everyday use, curtains can become home to many allergens and bacteria. Moreover, filthy drapes also degrade the quality of air in your home. However, cleaning the curtains deeply will help you in keeping your drapes in top condition. The clean and fresh curtains also make your place look beautiful and blissful. Moreover, you can easily clean your curtains at home if have the right equipment and cleaning solution or detergent. Know about how to start curtain cleaning through this blog and give your curtains a refreshing look. Here is the process of cleaning the curtains.

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Step Wise Process Of Cleaning The Curtains

Many people want to know how to start curtain cleaning so that they can give their drapes their original look back. There are various methods through which you can clean the curtains including steam cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, and so on. But you might need to hire professionals to clean the curtains by the above-mentioned methods. Besides, if you want to clean your curtains at home, there are steps which you can follow. Make sure you are arranging all the things beforehand and plan the cleaning task accordingly. 

Step 1: Remove The Curtains: Start the process by removing the curtain. Remove the hooks and take them down. Make sure you are shaking the curtain while removing them so that the excess amount of dirt present on it will get removed at that spot. Also, clean the floor and nearby items so that there is no dirt present on anything. Or simply you can shake it near the wall so that the dust gets collected in that area.

Step 2: Wash The Curtains: Before cleaning the curtain, it is important to check the type of fabric. If it needs hand washing then take a bucket and soak the curtain in the cold water. Also, before keeping the curtain make sure the detergent gets properly mixed in the water. Afterwards, do not rub or wring the curtains. Just let it be for some time.

Step 3: Extract The Water From the Curtain: In the next step, thoroughly rinse the curtain and remove the excess amount of water. Also, you can go for a short washing spin to quickly extract the water as much as possible. Set the washing machine according to the delicacy of your curtain.

Step 4: Ironing Of Curtain: Iron the curtain only if it is mentioned in the manufacturer label or instructions. When the curtain is a little damp, you can iron it on the wrong side of the fabric to make sure there is seam puckering.

Step 5: Hang The Curtain Back: Once the curtain is thoroughly cleaned, hang it back. Before that cleaning the curtain track and also the sills. If there is a window behind it then clean it as well. You can now hang the curtains with care. 

For Quick And Effective Cleaning, Hire Certified Curtain Cleaners

Expert cleaning gives you many benefits. Though you have an idea of how to start curtain cleaning, for deep cleaning, you should rely on curtain cleaners. They are the industry experts and will give you peace of mind by serving the best. There are various types of curtain which needs extra care and attention. The professional company has the right tools and certified cleaners in-house to give you the finest curtain cleaning service. Moreover, the experts also give the best tips to maintain the curtain after professional cleaning. So, get an effective and safe curtain cleaning service by reaching out to the best company near you. 

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