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Should Curtains Be Washed or Dry Cleaned 

Should You Dry Clean Your Curtains Or Wash Them? 

The answer to the question “should curtains be washed or dry cleaned?” has a tricky answer. As the cleaning conditions of the curtain completely depend on the type of curtain. Considering whether to dry clean your curtains or wash them? The main curtain cleaning secret is that, for the most part, it is a great concept. To understand this, it is a bit elongated. Perhaps there are a few compelling reasons to keep reading this blog! Certain factors will answer your question: Should curtains be washed or dry cleaned? 

The following are the several factors that the type of curtain cleaning depends on: 

  • The fabric that is used to make your curtains.
  • Having a clean atmosphere and fresh air is important to you. Because this can influence the amount of dust your curtains can trap.
  • Do you want to wash your curtains yourself and have the time?
  • If the fabric of your curtains needs dry cleaning as per the label. 
  • If dry cleaning saves you time and is a better alternative.
Dry Clean Your Curtains

How Do You Decide If Your Curtains Require Dry Cleaning Or Regular Washing? 

  • Type Of Curtains That Need Dry Cleaning: The type of curtains you have will be the most important factor. This will enable you to think about when deciding whether or not to dry clean them. The majority of curtains serve comparable functions in a home; they are created to look attractive and occasionally to provide a practical purpose by limiting light or visibility. The material that curtains are made of is what makes them unique. 

Dry cleaning should be used for expensive cotton, silk, and specialty blends. You don’t want to harm them or make them wrinkle. Frequently, your curtains will have a handling label; that will indicate if they MUST be dry cleaned or whether you may pitch them in the dryer. You are going to the dry cleaners if the item is pricey, the cloth is fragile, or the design is complex.

  • How Is It Beneficial To Your Health To Get Dry Cleaning: Indoor air quality and the need to maintain our indoor air as clean as possible to prevent diseases are the hot topics currently. Not everyone, but some individuals, have professional dry cleaning of their curtains every season. Why do they act this way? They do this because the typical home has a lot of dust, and the curtains are a primary source of that dust. Two quick strategies to enhance indoor air quality are to wash curtains and remove dust. Being aware of indoor air quality is a fantastic approach to maintaining health, especially for older individuals, those with respiratory problems, and during the cold and flu season.
  • Dry Cleaning Saves You Time: Let’s speak about the most valuable resource on earth: time. The majority of us feel as though we never have enough of it. Given how valuable time is, it frequently makes sense to seek a variety of opportunities to outsource activities that aren’t worth taking up our time. Although doing your laundry and curtain pressing isn’t typically someone’s idea of pleasure. 

Therefore, you can hire someone to do it for you. Many dry cleaners will pick up and deliver your curtains clean, freshly ironed, and ready to hang, saving you time. This will make you differentiate whether this is a task worth your time or whether there is anything more interesting or urgent that deserves your attention.

  • You Can Also Opt To Clean Your Curtains On Your Own: Fortunately, not every curtain needs to go to the dry cleaning. When you can do the task yourself and save some money is the key question. Checking the label on the back of your curtains is the most crucial step. Your curtains’ labels will inform you what kind of fabric they are made of, how to care for them, what water temperature to use, what kind of cleaning agents to use, and whether dry cleaning is necessary.
  • Follow The Label: Cleaning your curtains entails a great deal of risk. You are quite likely to get curtains that are different from what they were originally or, worse still, produce a foul wet odour. There are low-risk ways to give this a try. Be considerate and attentive, and most importantly, educate yourself on whether should curtains be washed or dry cleaned. 

Only you can determine whether it is better to take a chance and open the drapes or to stay out of extreme devastation. We advise against washing dry clean-only curtains if they are brand-new since doing so may result in damage that you may regret. Making your new home seem like home is essential, but it is just not worth the risk of a brand-new pair of curtains going to waste.

On What Basis Do You Opt For Curtain Washing? 

  • Knowing your resources is one way to save time. A lot of your synthetics, mixes, and fragile natural fibres are better suited to being dry cleaned, but most natural fabrics save silk can be dry cleaned with ease.
  • When using fibres that are prone to wrinkles, one issue is the requirement to iron (press) after washing to remove creases. In certain circumstances, removing items from the dryer fast and hanging them up will help prevent creases while letting gravity take care of the rest.
  • Any effort to dry clean textiles like silk and other synthetics would likely result in destruction, thus they must be washed. Depending on what the label says, hand washing the curtains is one possibility, but given their size, this is a hard operation. Therefore, you need to choose accordingly.


As much as you know what is good for your curtains and your objects; it is essential to take extra care, To avoid unnecessary circumstances. As a result, there will be many aspects of curtain dry cleaning that you will find difficult to comprehend. Although cleaning your curtains isn’t very difficult, there are a lot of factors to consider. We’ve already discussed a few of them, and making a mistake there can result in both more effort and damage.

Depending on the fabric of your curtains, you may decide to wash and iron them yourself or; for simplicity’s sake, hire a professional dry cleaner to do it for you. Captain curtain cleaning Adelaide company provides best curtain steam cleaning, dry cleaning and more services. The choice is yours! Be it dry cleaning or washing, it is always necessary to do your bit of research about it, before you perform anything. 

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