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Curtains are a décor-complementing addition and add privacy to the interior of your home. But for getting these aforementioned benefits, your curtains need to be cleaned properly. If your curtain is filthy, contains dirt and grease, and is discoloured may pose a serious health risk for your family.

Captain Curtain Cleaning is serving here with experts who will remove all the filth which is deeply embedded into your curtains. We clear out all stubborn stains with ease. Our curtain cleaning Prospect services also deodorize and disinfect your curtains and make them infection free and fresh. Our results are guaranteed and we provide steam cleaning and rehanging services at reasonable rates.

So, feel free to call us for professional curtain washing services anytime, even in emergencies. Contact us right away to receive the best professional curtain cleaning services in Prospect!

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    We Clean All Kinds Of Blinds, Drapes, And Curtains

    A variety of curtains, drapes and blinds can be cleaned by our cleaning staff. We will assure you that we will provide a solution to every problem related to cleaning curtains, drapes and blinds.


    Our team cleans a wide variety of drapes, including velvet drapes, sheer drapes, blackout drapes, etc. These look dirty due to the collection of dust, pet hair, and other debris. Thus we use a specially-formulated solvent, restoring its spotlessness.


    Our skilled curtain cleaners can take care of your pencil pleats, linen, lace curtains, sheer fabrics, curtains with cased headings, double box pleats, acrylic curtains and eyelet curtains.


    We can easily handle all types of blinds like Roman, vertical, roller blinds, etc. With the help of our customized procedures, quality cleaning is assured.


    We typically clean curtains, drapes and blinds and take responsibility for rehanging them. We have to remove them before cleaning. But, you do not need to worry because we also assist in rehanging it.

    Why We Should Be Your First Option

    Experienced & Qualified Professionals

    We are the best at what we do. Our professional curtain cleaners have years of experience, IICRC certification, and industry expertise.

    Quick, Obligation-Free Quotes

    We provide a quick, obligation-free curtain cleaning price. After an evaluation of your curtains, blinds, and drapery, we provide quotes.

    Service guarantee

    Our curtain steam cleaning services and curtain dust and dirt removal services both offer quality results. So you will be satisfied.

    Services delivered without hassle

    Our curtain cleaners provide hassle-free services. We are ready with essential tools, procedures, and equipment for cleaning.

    Cost-effective curtain cleaning

    We never sacrifice the quality of our best curtain cleaning service in Prospect. We also maintain a reasonable service fee without any potential hidden fees.

    Why Expert Curtain Cleaning Is Advantageous?

    We know that you regularly dust and vacuum your curtains yet it is not enough as, after some time, they lose their lustre. That is why the use of professional curtain cleaning services is very important. There are several benefits to using a curtain cleaning service, but the best ones are as follows:

    • Extension of Curtain’s Lifespan: To extend durability, to keep them from damage. You must keep them fresher and cleaner. To achieve this, you have to clean your curtains professionally.
    • Avoid Allergies: By cleaning your curtains with the help of professionals, you can prevent your family from various allergic reactions. This occurs due to pollen, dust mites, allergens, and others.
    • Enhance the Look of Your Home: When your curtains are immaculate, stylish, and on point, your home will also look incredibly lovely.
    • Cleaning that is Fast and Effective: Professional cleaners are very experienced and so their cleaning is fast and effective. Your curtains become reusable virtually at the same time.
    Curtain Cleaning Is Advantageous

    Options For Cleaning Drapes, Blinds, And Curtains With Our Company

    If not cleaned regularly, stains and dirt get deep into your curtains. So our team for Curtain Cleaning Prospect services promise to restore the newness and brightness of your curtains. Various options are available here:

    Curtain Deep Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is used by our experts to deep clean curtains. This effectively removes deeply embedded dirt and tough stains from curtains and draperies. With this, you can hang your curtains again on the same day of cleaning.

    Delicate Fabric Care

    Certain types of fabrics require special curtains vacuuming service and care like silk. So our dependable curtain cleaning experts clean these curtain fabrics with extra care. Within a reasonable cleaning cost, your delicate fabric will be cleaned effectively.

    Curtain Odor Removal

    many things can cause odours to your curtains. Our trained curtain and drapery cleaners eliminate odour and its source and reduce the likelihood of reoccurring.

    Stain and Spot Treatment

    We utilize the pre-conditioning method and pH-neutral solvent as our unique curtain stain removal service approach. This is used to remove all stains and dirt spots from curtains because these stains will not be removed simply.

    Mold and Allergen Removal

    Various types of allergies occur due to pollen, bacteria, dust mites, fungal spores, etc. So we offer a mold and allergen treatment for curtains for the removal of all types of allergens.

    Our Mission and Vision

    Captain Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is built on a foundation of excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our team of highly trained and experienced cleaners is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, ensuring your curtains regain their original freshness and appeal.

    At Captain Curtain Cleaning Adelaide, we prioritize safety and quality. Our cleaners hold industry certifications and undergo regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest cleaning techniques. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals that effectively eliminate dirt, stains, and odours without harming the environment or compromising your family’s well-being.


    If you need to plan a last-minute cleaning, our Curtain Cleaning Prospect team can provide you with the service of washing curtains at the same time. We can guarantee you quality cleaning, competitive pricing and long-lasting results.

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    If you ask us, dry cleaning and steam cleaning both are best for curtains in our opinion. For some types of fabrics, steam cleaning is useful as it depends upon various factors. But for the greatest advice, always check your curtain fabric with your cleaners. You can check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

    Normally you should clean your curtains with curtain cleaners every six to twelve months. But if you are living in any dusty areas then you should decrease your time by up to three months. Moreover, it depends on the use and situation of your place.

    We do not have fixed rates. It depends upon the type of washing, the number of stains, the type of fabric, and the amount of grime. So you have to get a free quote from us.

    Yes, of course! Steam cleaning can eradicate moulds and also with this, you can prevent your curtains from further mould infestation.

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    Sarah and John, Prospect
    “After struggling to remove stains and dust from our curtains for months, we finally decided to hire a professional curtain cleaning service in Prospect. We reached out to Captain Curtain Cleaning and were thrilled with the results! Our curtains look brand new, and the team was prompt, efficient, and courteous throughout the entire process.”
    Emily, Prospect
    “I was amazed at the transformation that experts of Captain Curtain Cleaning brought to our curtains. My curtains had accumulated a lot of dirt and pet hair over the years, and we were considering replacing them altogether. However, we thought of giving professional eco-friendly curtain cleaning a try before making that decision. We are so glad we did!”
    Mark, Prospect
    “I recently moved into a new apartment in Prospect and noticed that the curtains left by the previous tenant were quite dingy and dusty. Instead of spending money on new ones, I decided to try a curtain cleaning service. I contacted Captain Curtain Cleaning and they exceeded my expectations! The team was very professional, and they not only cleaned the curtains but also removed some tough stains.”

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