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As one of the leading service providers in Unley, Captain Curtain Cleaning serves to clean both residential and commercial curtains. With so many top-notch cleaning services, our professional curtain cleaners have become the favourites of Unley locals. While valuing customer requirements and choices, we ensure to provide services that make your curtains rejuvenated and fresh. With a solid commitment to client satisfaction, our curtain cleaning Unley team aims to make the living areas hygienic.

Our working experience in the curtain cleaning industry counts way back and during this period we have built a solid reputation. We specialise in offering reliable, high-quality and affordable curtain deep cleaning services. Moreover, we have extensive experience in how to tackle the most common and uncommon curtain problems. So, let us deal with your curtains to give them the best curtain cleaning service in Unley.

We work in teams to offer stain removal, odour removal, mould and allergen treatment for curtains. Thus, we are rigorously trained to complete the task with excellence and bring the best and most satisfying results. With in-depth knowledge of curtain dust and dirt removal and the right tools and cleaning agents, we complete the job safely. Therefore, believe in our specialisation and ability to tackle different curtain problems. So, call now on 08 7111 3361 for professional and punctual curtain cleaning services.

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    Join The Line Of Satisfied Clients For Curtain Cleaning Services- Why Choose Us

    We know you as a Unley local are curious about client satisfaction with our curtain cleaning Unley services. So, take a look at some of the topmost reasons that claim why clients form a line for our professional curtain cleaners’ assistance.

    • Offer timely manner eco-friendly curtain cleaning services that involve the utilisation of kid-friendly and pet-friendly cleaning solutions.
    • Ready to provide same-day curtain vacuuming service for residential as well as commercial properties.
    • Local professional curtain cleaners are right in Unley and its surroundings to reach within 1 hour of bookings.
    • Accept 24-hour slot bookings even on weekends and public offs.
    • Use the latest technology and advanced equipment for all kinds of curtain cleaning services we offer.
    • Provide trustworthy services at budget-friendly prices.

    Therefore, stop searching for a company that charges you low for curtain cleaning services and instead call on 08 7111 3361 for affordable and top-quality service.

    Satisfied Clients For Curtain Cleaning Services

    Why Hire Professionals To Rejuvenate Your Curtains

    Typically, curtains require regular cleaning if you want them stain-free, odour-free, allergen-free and dirt-free. So, if you want your curtains all clean and need regular maintenance, go for certified curtain cleaners. One such expert’s assistance is professional curtain washing and the benefits of it are as follows:

    Professional Curtain Restoration

    A few damaged or older curtains require experienced hands for restoration and thus professional cleaners come into the picture. Professional curtain cleaners retrieve your curtains to their previous glory.

    Health Concerns

    Professionally getting your curtains cleaned is a go-to option for you if you are allergic to dirt, dust and debris in curtains. Now, with experts working on your curtains, you are free from any health concerns.

    Value Antique Curtains

    Some people have curtains with sentimental feelings, antique and valuable. Thus, entrusting such curtains to expert hands who understand how to carefully clean them is a better option.

    Preserve Quality

    Your investment in curtains becomes worth it when you get them cleaned regularly because professionals tend to preserve quality and extend the life of your curtains.

    Prevent Mould Growth

    Mould cannot be left and need immediate attention if they have grown on your curtains. Therefore, count on experts for mould and allergen treatment for curtains to prevent mould growth.

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    Say Goodbye To Dirt, Stains And Allergen With Our Curtain Cleaning Unley Services

    Curtain Steam Cleaning

    Your curtains can escape from dust, allergens, microbes, stains, odours, etc, all at once if you choose us for curtain steam cleaning service. Because it is an effective and chemical-free method that deep cleans your curtains, enhancing the curtains’ appearance. So, get your curtains deep-cleaned with our unique cleaning method where steam under pressure is used.

    Curtain Emergency Cleaning

    Oftentimes curtains fade because of various reasons and for this reason and many more, we offer curtain emergency cleaning service. When you book our curtain emergency cleaning service, you are at the other end of availing efficient, quick and safe service. Therefore, get in touch with us if your curtains need immediate assistance to restore their hygiene.

    Drapery Cleaning

    We adopt specialised cleaning techniques and tools when it comes to drapery cleaning at Unley commercial and residential spaces. The cleaning processes we execute greatly enhance the aesthetics of your drapes and also promote a healthier environment. Hence, if you have no time to clean your drapes, count on our drapery cleaning service.

    Shower Curtains Cleaning

    Shower curtains cleaning is a process where soap scum gets removed with the utilisation of fabric-protecting agents. Moreover, regularly availing of our shower curtains cleaning service helps to prevent bacterial growth and ensures a hygienic bathing area. So, do not take up the challenge of self-cleaning your shower curtains and let us handle it.

    Curtain Mould Removal

    Curtains are usually prone to mould and mildew growth because they get exposed to moisture daily. However, we have the right solution to make your curtains mould-free, that is, curtain mould removal service. This service of ours helps you notice your curtains regain their freshness and extend their lifespan.

    Plastic Curtains Cleaning

    As plastic curtains are usually used in room dividers, debris, pollutants and dust particles accumulate over these curtains. But we have specialised and professional curtain washing techniques to ensure the cleanliness of your plastic curtains. Fortunately, we can also assist you in making your plastic curtains look more appealing.


    Yes, you can clean your silk curtains but only when you are knowledgeable, experienced and have expertise in it. Because silk curtains are categorised under delicate fabric type, which means skilled hands are required for their cleaning. So, let professional curtain cleaners handle cleaning your silk curtains.

    Generally, it takes around 3 hours to clean curtains but this is not standard time. However, this time varies depending on important factors such as curtain types, size and requirement of cleaning method.

    Yes, you can opt for spot cleaning. But this treatment is not adequate for stubborn spots as the accumulation of allergens and dust also happens. So, if your curtains have stains from urine, grease, paint, chocolate, etc, go for an entire curtain cleaning.

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    Schedule Your Curtain Cleaning Today! Don’t put off giving your curtains the maintenance they need any longer. To promptly arrange your appointment, grab your phone to dial our toll-free number.


    I am happy that I chose Captain Curtain Cleaning for cleaning my curtains. The guys arrived on time, and my curtains look fantastic. Very strongly advised everyone who needs professional cleaning for delicate curtains!
    Excellent customer service from beginning to end. My curtains now look brand new thanks to the free inspection, which also helped me pick the right cleaning procedure.
    At first, I had my doubts, but they really lived up to their promise. I’m delighted with the outcomes after my curtains underwent careful cleaning. I would like to thank the company’s team for their professional curtain washing services very carefully.

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